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Premium Paper Bags

Premium Paper Bags

Paper bags are perfect as gift bags for conferences, events and store products packaging.

The bags are printed in high quality 250grammes thick paper and matte laminated or on recycled paper. There’s also an option for spot uv gloss effect. The option for handles are high quality thick ribbon, fabric cord or twisted paper.

Sizes come in:
A4 size (small)
A3 size (medium)
A2 size (large)

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
For branded paper bags, quantities start at 50 units. The more bags you order, the more cost effective it becomes as savings begin to pile up on quantity.
Do you want to know how to make paper bags? then read on. First you start out with the kind of paper. You can either use Kraft paper or Matte laminated card. Next is to choose the paper size (e.g A4, A3). Making a paper bag is an intersting game of folding, similar to kids origami. Your paper will be 2x the size of the final size you want, with some extras on the sides and bottom for glueing. First fold a little tip for glueing and then fold the paper in half. Once glued together, fold the bottom in a little bit and press the edges of the folded bottom to form a triangle. Next, fold the triangles in to form the base and glue together. Finally fold the sides in a bit to touch the base triangles. Once you pop open it open, the bag is automatically formed.
Paper bags can come in varous sizes and shapes. However, we work with some standard sizes:

small – A4 size (Portrait or Landscape)
medium – A3 size (Portrait or Landscape)
large- A2 size (Portrait or Landscape)

We can also do custom sizes as required.
The best paper bags have a very simple and minimalist design with just one or two colors. However, we can produce full colour paper bags with complex designs if required. Once you know which of the sizes you want to work with and the orientation (i.e portrait or landscape), center the design in the middle of the paper size, whilst leaving enough room on the top, bottom and sides. The name of the brand should be bold and legible.

Our team is also on hand to help you create professional design for your bags on request.

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