Social media marketing for business growth.

We have helped many Nigerian companies achieve their business goals through various social media marketing strategies and customer engagement.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy – Social media gives you the power to create strong impressions especially with millenials thereby generating word or mouth equity. We have helped many brands generate contagious traffic trough various social campaign strategies

Why social media marketing? – well nowadays, a lot of people especially millenials don’t want to be sold to but engaged. Banner blindness (a situation in which people become zoned out to advertisements) is at an all time high and brands need to find alternative ways to engage people through their normal daily activities. Social media influences today’s society in unprecedented ways.

How to win on social

The goal of social media marketing is to create content that people will be happy to engage with organically, without the psychocological association of marketing or sales. A very practical approach is to create offline interaction through either events or experential marketing and then use that to generate online social media activity. Hashtags are very popular in this regard.

Also you must create a consistent brand image that can be recognised and recalled. A consistent visual look, voice, tone  and colors must all be choreographed. This way, visitors can immediately remember you. Leading social brands like Kylie Jenner have tastefully mastered this!

Our Social Media Marketing Solutions

Social Media Strategy

Strategy ties the approach to a brand’s social media presence together

Creative Production

We can create creative audio visual content inhouse

Engaging Content

We develop content calendars that would best engage the audience

Influencer Marketing

Organic influencer marketing that audiences can relate with


Competitions  are some of the best ways to engage millenials

Insights and Analytics

We constantly track results of our campaigns and user engagement

Ready to grow your business and your online community?

The world we live in is now digital first and anyone not taking full advante of this digital transformation will be left out of the marketplace in the not too distant future. Let’s help you position yourself now for success.

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