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trusted by some of nigeria's finest companies

We are a web design agency in Lagos Nigeria

Our Lagos Nigeria web design and development team is highly experienced in all spheres of the web design landscape including e-commerce, responsive mobile design, user experience, wordpress content management system and digital marketing.

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Value-driven website design

For over 10 years as a web design company in Lagos Nigeria, we have consistently delivered great results for our clients, through high performance user experience. We approach websites through the lens of your target audiences and present your content in the most clean and concise way possible. 

Damola Taiwo, senior partner, Unotech web
Damola Taiwo
Senior Partner UM Group

Case Studies

We have helped some of Nigeria's finest clients turn their websites into assets from liabilities. These sites don't just look good, they translate into ROI.

Our website development process

Phase 1 - Discovery

Once we shake hands and you decide to partner with us on your web design project, our team would immediately start the research process.

We carry out research on your industry, your competitors and also get to know your company a little deeper. What are your goals? What has your traction been to date? What challenges do have? What ideas do you have?

Phase 2 - Wireframing

At this stage, we will begin exploring design and layout ideas using mapping, prototyping and wireframe techniques.

We will create the content architecture for your website and map out a user experience (UX) journey with tools like balsamiq and mockflow. Essentially, we port ourselves vicariously into the mind of the customer, using Human Centered Design strategies.

Phase 3 - Design

The results of our prototyping and wireframing will then be fleshed out into a full blown website design that will prioritize content and employ calls to action.

Theories of colour, typography, shapes, icons and photography will be employed to tell the full story of your company on the website. WordPress Content Management System is integrated to populate the website. 

Phase 4 - Testing and Launch

The final phase is to test the website rigorously for both technical performance and qualitative usability. We ensure that nothing breaks on the website.

We test the user journey and website flow to ensure that the site is simple to browse through, navigate and the content reads very easy. We also ensure compliance of the site to W3C web standards of accessibility and browser compatibility.

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