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Ecommerce Websites

What is an ecommerce website? An ecommerce website allows a business owner sell their products online by adding products & prices and tracking orders. An online payment gateway lets customers pay for those goods. 

Cost of designing an ecommerce website in Nigeria

A lot of people immediately ask us, what is cost of building an ecommerce website, because they believe it is super expensive to build one. But the truth is that depending on a number of factors including level of customization and your product information, the price can vary greatly. However, a simple generic ecommerce site for a small business can typically start from as low as ₦600,000, including platform and hosting costs.

How does an ecommerce website work?

An ecommerce website is typically split into two parts:
the store front and the back store.

The store front is the section that customers see and through which they can browse products, select a product, add to cart and pay. A payment gateway such as paystack or flutterwave is integrated so that people can pay with their cards at checkout.

The back store also known as the admin panel is where the store owner can upload their products and prices, control inventory and view orders. Once an order comes in, the store owner gets notified by email and they can then login to the admin panel to see the order details. The store owner prepares the products for delivery, and updates the order transaction as out for delivery. Pretty simple and straight forward isn’t it?

For promotions, the easiest way to promote ecomerce websites is through search engine optimization (seo). Customers searching for your products can find you in google search if your site is well optimized and this presents a big opportunity for success.

An ecommerce business owner with her website

Our Ecommerce Solutions


We work with the woocommerce platgorm for ecommerce sites


We can create customized shopify store fronts that stand out

Payment Gateways

We deploy both local and international payment processors


We integrate analytis tools that lets you track who your customers are


Our tools have inventory management built in to keep track of goods

Shipping Methods

You will be able to specify multiple shipping methods for your store

Are you ready to grow your business with ecommerce?

ecommerce in Nigeria provides a rare opportunity for business owners to grow their businesses and take full advantage of the digital economy. Talk to us about your business goals.

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